Jazzpianist and composer Daan Herweg (Amsterdam 1981) Is a renown musician based in Amsterdam working on the Dutch and international stage. He has his own trio and solo career yet also worked with the likes of Teus Nobel, Caro Emerald, Pete Philly, Finn Silver, Floris van der Vlugt, Jazzquintet Quincey, Anne Chris, Henk Kraaijeveld, and an ever growing score of musicians from both the jazz and pop world.

From an early age Daan boasts a liberal and creative mind. His early classical endeavours on the piano soon evolved into free and jazz oriented improvisations. Early influences reach from Bach, Brahms, Debussy and modern 20th century music straight into the idiosyncratic jazz of Monk, Herbie and Bill Evans only then to naturally lead into into hiphop music, pop culture and songwriting. Human expression seems to be the only constant factor.

Daan started his career with professional studies at the The Manhattan School of music and the conservatory of Amsterdam where he graduated MA (master of music) in 2007. Ever since he became a much sought after sideman, writer and composer with many different projects, many of whom are award winning and succesful pop projects. oa Caro Emerald, Pete Philly, Finn Silver, All You need is Love,  and a growing list of TV and media projects.

In between all of this Daan returns to his own career as a jazz artist as often as possible. His writing consists of various layers, critics once called it lyrical modern jazz. He aims for personal storytelling and pianistical wit within music. Because of this versatility as both a hit-composer and a free improviser his music is as compelling as it is well constructed.

Currently Daan is also a main subject jazz and pop piano teacher at the Artez conservatory of Zwolle, Arnhem and Enschede (eastern Holland) where he is privileged to share his knowledge with young talented students.