Daan Herweg Quartet


The core members of Daan's latest playing ensemble are Jeroen Batterink on Drums, Matthias van den Brande on saxophone and Lorenzo Buffa on Bass. The band is playing the repertoire from Daan's latest album 'In Search Of The Lost Chord' 

Bloemfontein 16-2


The trio is offcourse the quintessential line up for a jazz pianist. Daan's current trio features Jeroen Batterink on drums and Lorenzo Buffa on Bass. Check out DHT's debut album 'Lucid Musings' recorded in 2014. The trio track 'Onderweg naar Bloemfontein' can be heard on Daan Herweg's sophomore album: 'In Search Of The Lost Chord'. Also: click below for the recent composition 'Change Of Plans'


Henk Kraaijeveld Quintet

Daan has been working with prolific Dutch jazz improviser Henk Kraaijeveld now for 6 now years touring Europe and Asia. Daan has co-produced and written many songs for this collaboration. Henk is also featured on Daan's 2nd album 'In Search Of The Lost Chord' 



Efraim SW is a quartet led by groovy and poetic drummer Efraim Schulz Wackerbarth. The music is very expressive and melodic. Featuring Suzan Veneman on trumpet and Hendrik Mueller on bass. 


Anne Chris

Anne Chris is a reknown vocalist present on the dutch music scene. Her style is both jazz and singer songwriter oriented. Daan and Anne have written many songs together and toured extensively

nel random

Nel Session

The nel Session was a famous underground Amsterdam jazz session for 13 years since 2011.  Every Monday night at 21:00 in the Cafe Nel on Amstelveld square hosted and founded by Daan Herweg and guitar player Laurens Priem. The nights were legendary, anything could happen. Many internationally well known jazz musicians attended over the years Brad Mehldau, Cory Henry, Louis Cole, Arianna Grande to name a few. Once a year the super session took place starting 21:00 untill 06:00 in the morning. 

coen kaldeway

Coen Kaldeway 5

Daan is featured as a sideman on the groovy album by Dutch Tenor legend from Utrecht Coen Kaldeway. With Tobias Nijboer and Mark Kersbergen. Coen wrote a bunch of blazing jazz tunes for this long awaited album. 

Monoduke header


Monoduke is a producers alias featuring dope hiphop beats and jazz. Started as a collab with lo-fi producer Glimlip